Leasing of ASIC miners and GPU farms
for up to 18 months

Advance payment
from 35%
GPU farms
and ASIC miners
Equipment available for lease
Advance payment
Leasing term
от 35 %
up to 18 months
Benefits of leasing of miners
Leasing IT equipment allows you to purchase a profitable and liquid investment asset, while legal entities have the opportunity to reduce the tax base to 40% of the cost of the equipment
Refund of 20% VAT on all leasing payments
Reduction of the tax base by 20%
Average payback of equipment - 1.5 years
We provide the opportunity to buy back equipment
Mining equipment for leasing
Cryptocurrency mining as a business is becoming more popular every year, so this directly affects the demand for computing mining equipment. Since purchasing a full-fledged farm requires serious investments, the Smart Mining company offers a profitable solution for starting cryptocurrency mining - leasing. This is a simple, and at the same time fast, reliable and profitable way to launch your own business in order to start making money on cryptocurrency as quickly as possible. Moreover, you can order the service right now - just fill out a request on the website and we will contact you to clarify all the details.

Mining equipment leasing: service features

Leasing refers to the long-term rental of mining equipment on terms favorable to the lessee and with the possibility of subsequent purchase. The principle is extremely simple: Smart Mining purchases equipment from the manufacturer or its official representative, which is leased for long-term use. In this case, the equipment is placed on a specially prepared site, and specialists assemble, configure and subsequently maintain the computing power on a turnkey basis.

Among the main equipment that is available for purchase on lease are:
  • GPU servers for machine learning;
  • platforms based on AMD or Nvidia video cards for rendering;
  • farms based on graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining;
  • ASIC equipment for mining.

As a rule, the equipment is used to mine popular types of cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and others. Alternatively, computing power can be used to render images and create high-quality graphics, model 3D objects, create computer vision or facial recognition systems, and so on. This approach avoids downtime and guarantees high profitability for equipment owners.

Key benefits of leasing IT equipment
The Smart Meinnig company invites you not to look for additional methods of financing, but to immediately start receiving a stable income. The leasing service will allow you to recoup all expenses within a few months and start making a net profit. After the end of the leasing period, you can return the equipment or purchase the equipment for further use.
In addition, leasing a GPU or ASIC farm is characterized by the following advantages:
  • possibility of equipment repurchase;
  • custom assembly of a mining rig with the parameters you need;
  • access to new equipment from leading manufacturers;
  • high uptime and high-quality service to maintain equipment performance and minimize the risk of downtime.

Taking into account the large number of areas for using GPU and CPU power, IT equipment leasing is characterized by high rates of profitability and liquidity. In addition, our company offers mining hotel services to provide suitable conditions for equipment installation, 24-hour technical support, prompt troubleshooting and repair of mining equipment.

We practice a personal approach to each client, therefore we offer favorable financing conditions, as well as individual terms, rates and schedules for leasing payments. With us, you not only save your finances, but you can also manage your time wisely to get maximum benefits from leasing.
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