Crypto mining hosting in Ethiopia

Don't miss the opportunity to become part this unique success story
PRICE ONLY 0,045$ / kWt
Power of hosting 120MW
120 MW

Strategic location

Your business will flourish here
  • The economy is one of the most dynamic in the world

    100+ Projects have already been launched in Ethiopia
  • The average annual temperature is about 22°C

    Optimal for equipment operation
  • Governmental support

    Russia and Ethiopia actively cooperate in the field of international relations
  • Safety

    We are located in the Addis Ababa Industrial Park

Access to 120MW of stable energy and advanced technologies. Ideal conditions for your bitcoin mining equipment. Are you ready for the next level?

Prices that will surprise you

from 0,045 $ / kW

Direct supplies of equipment from China

Low shipment rates from 100$ per device

Transportation of equipment from Russia

Optimal logistics

Low cost of electricity

from 0,045 $ / kW

Our experience and support

More than 7 years in the field of providing hosting services for mining equipment
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Trust Team

  • Maksim
    IT Expert
    More than 15 years in software development
    and IT sphere
  • Aleksey
    Expert in crypto business
    More than 7 years of experience in mining and managing crypto capital
  • Kirill
    Expert in crypto tuning
    Customizes each miner
    like a formula 1 car
Why choose us?
Maximum mining efficiency
Reliability and safety
Convenient location
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