ASIC crypto miners

Launch of turnkey projects with placement starting from RUB 3.9/kW
What's included?
  • Direct supply of equipment from China with warranty and VAT
    Boxes and seals included
  • Initial turnkey setup for maximum performance
    We will help you register your wallet and make all the settings, all that remains is to turn on the Internet and network
  • Testing and placement in our Data Center
    Our specialists will check all indicators: temperature, hashrate, valid shares, uptime
  • Telephone support and advice
    We help you with any questions that arise after purchase by phone and whatsapp
Trust Team
  • Maksim
    IT expert
    More than 15 years in software development
    and IT sphere
  • Aleksey
    Expert in crypto business
    More than 7 years of experience in mining and managing crypto capital
  • Kirill
    Expert in crypto tuning
    Customizes each rig
    like a formula 1 car
Full turnkey support for mining projects

  1. Direct supply of equipment from manufacturers from China with VAT included
  2. Placement in a secure mining data center with a price starting from RUB 3.9/kW
  3. Launch and technical support on a turnkey basis throughout the entire life cycle of the project
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ASIC mining equipment

Today, the cryptocurrency market is the most attractive for quick and impressive earnings. At the same time, anyone can buy ASIC mining equipment, even a beginner, since this type does not require complex settings and selection of components.

If you want to engage in mining, then your best solution will be to buy an ASIC miner in Moscow at a favorable price from the menu in our catalog. The advantage of this type of equipment is that it is a ready-made solution for working in the cryptocurrency market. You don’t have to think about choosing accessories, combining them in terms of power, or keeping up to date. This is a ready-made product with which you can enter the market after purchasing it. There is no need to assemble, configure, get tangled up in wires for connection, and then control all the work yourself. Experienced specialists have already made sure that it is easy and simple for you to become a miner.

ASIC mining equipment has a high-power power supply, a long support life, and therefore can work without being turned off for several years!

Why is it worth buying new ASIC miners from us:

  • We develop various design solutions for mining for free.
  • We provide the best server equipment and computers.
  • We provide a guarantee for the equipment sold and help restore its functionality.
  • Our managers provide ongoing consulting support.
  • We can set aside rare or profitable positions for you.
  • We will deliver the equipment to your home or office.
  • We provide post-warranty service.

Why is it worth buying ASIC mining equipment?

Despite fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, coin mining will continue for many years to come. By mining bitcoins using ASIC miners, you will soon - on average in 6-8 months - recoup your investment and make a net profit.

We sell equipment for mining such popular coins as Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, SiaCoin, Decred, Monero, LBC, Verge, Vcash, QuarkCoin, DigiByte, Aeon and many others. Due to the specifics of mining a particular currency, you should decide in advance on the chosen coins and select equipment on which their mining will be possible.

Looking for ready-made solutions in one place?

A large selection of equipment and accessories is on the pages of our website. We help assemble farms or ensure the operation of an entire industrial mining complex.

In terms of performance and profitability of coins, ASICs are better than traditional GPU farms.
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