Investments in cryptocurrency mining with an income of 50% per year

Sales, hosting and maintenance of GPU and ASIC mining equipment

Our services

Expert selection of equipment for your investment objectives
We select mining equipment with the best mining efficiency and cost in accordance with your investment goals
Smart hosting - turnkey mining support in our data center
We will ensure uptime of 99.7% of farm operation and maximum production efficiency on a turnkey basis, due to placement in our data center, professional setup and technical support 24x7.

Data centers in Russia and Ethiopia

Safe and secure placement of equipment

  • Stability of income
    The equipment does not overheat and operates in optimally comfortable conditions
  • Optimal cooling
    Protection from dust, dirt, fire
  • Technical support
    and repairs
    Maintenance of the mining process for maximum performance
  • 24/7 security
    Financial liability for equipment placed with us
  • Turnkey service
    We ensure logistics and safety when placing equipment
  • Stable internet and electricity
    Uptime 99,7%

Why us?

  • Innovative technologies
    We implement innovative solutions to optimize equipment operation and increase mining efficiency
  • Scalability
    You can easily scale your mining business, expanding your crypto farm and increasing your profitability
  • Convenient control
    We provide clients with user-friendly tools and interface to manage and monitor their equipment and profitability
  • Flexible rates and conditions
    Choose the optimal solution for your needs
Trust Team
  • Maksim
    IT Expert
    More than 15 years in software development
    and IT sphere
  • Aleksey
    Expert in crypto business
    More than 7 years of experience in mining and managing crypto capital
  • Kirill
    Expert in crypto tuning
    Customizes each miner
    like a formula 1 car
Start making money from mining today!
Get an offer for a mining farm with an income of 50% per year

About Us

Smart Mining is a company specializing in the market for the sale, placement and maintenance of complex computing equipment. We are engaged in creating mining farms of various capacities from scratch: from purchasing ASIC equipment directly from the manufacturer, placing it in your name in a mining data center, to launching and technical support of your turnkey crypto business.
Why you should trust us:
  • We have implemented dozens of custom projects - and among our clients there are no dissatisfied customers.
  • Our experience is more than 5 years - we monitor the emergence of cryptocurrencies and their behavior on the market and can recommend to our clients the best solutions for making money.

  • We create the best conditions for maintaining equipment in the required operating mode - correct temperature, cleanliness, protection from unforeseen circumstances, 24-hour security, stable power supply and much more.
  • Our data center employs the best technical specialists who deeply understand the crypto business and take care of their clients’ expensive equipment. We provide specialized assistance and support at any stage of our cooperation.
  • At the moment, we service more than 1000 devices - ASIC farms, which work with various coins and bring stable high profits to their owners.
  • We are fully financially responsible for the equipment placed with us!
Working on the crypto market with the best currencies in terms of profitability is now available to everyone!
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