Collocation of GPU mining farms with comprehensive services
Data center in the Tver region
In which data center?
will the equipment be located?

The data center was built on the basis of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant

Data center next to one of the largest nuclear power plants in Russia, located in the Tver region, 380 km from the Moscow Ring Road
Uninterruptible power supply directly from the nuclear power plant
Uptime 99,7%
The data center can accommodate up to 30,000 farms
Available power to accommodate equipment 32 MW

Turnkey maintenance of your GPU farms

  • Automatic temperature control system
    The equipment does not overheat and operates in optimally comfortable conditions
  • Air conditioning system, protection from dust, dirt, fire
    Protection from dust, dirt, fire
  • Tuned for maximum performance
    Technical support 24x7
  • 24/7 security
    Financial liability for equipment placed with us
  • Delivery and placement
    We ensure logistics and safety when placing equipment
  • Stable internet and electricity
    Uptime 99,7%
Price of accommodation and service,
including electricity
Tariffs depend on farm configuration and electricity consumption
GPU rig 6 videocards AMD
GPU rig 8 videocards AMD
GPU rig 12 videocards AMD
GPU rig 6 videocards NVIDIA
от 3500₽
GPU rig 8 videocards NVIDIA
от 4500₽
GPU rig 12 videocards NVIDIA
от 6500₽

Tax savings 40%
for legal entities

  1. Direct supply of equipment from manufacturers with VAT included
  2. Hosting in a secure mining data center
  3. Launch and technical support on a turnkey basis throughout the entire life cycle of the project
  4. Savings on VAT and income tax
  5. Leasing
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Crypto mining hosting and mining hotel

The Smart Mining company offers a service for placing ASIC miners and GPU-based mining farms on the territory of our data centers in the Moscow and Tver regions. The hosting service for mining is available to both legal entities and individuals - our clients can choose the appropriate tariff and service program, and, if necessary, order the assembly of their own system from scratch.

Mining hosting: what we offer

Mining is a fairly resource-intensive process of verifying transactions and calculating hash sums, for which modern GPU-based or ASIC mining equipment is used. ASICs or asics are chips combined into one system, configured to decrypt a specific algorithm on the basis of which the blockchain of a certain cryptocurrency operates. Asics still remain popular because, unlike their more multitasking counterparts based on processors or video cards, they have better performance.
Hosting for ASICS from the Smart Mining company is a fairly impressive list of advantages that both beginners and experienced miners will appreciate.
Our own data center has an uninterruptible power supply from the Kalinin NPP. This guarantees uptime up to 99.7%, reducing to almost zero the risk of power surges, Internet outages, system downtime or operational failures.
The total capacity of the sites for placing equipment is 32 MW - this allows you to install up to 30 thousand farms for mining;
24-hour security and a comprehensive security system guarantee the safety of your equipment and also eliminate the risk of loss of profit.
Regular maintenance and consulting support allows you to monitor the operation of the farm, carry out scheduled maintenance and report any malfunctions, methods and costs of their elimination;
Experienced technical specialists perform work on assembling, configuring, test running and optimizing software.
Asics-based mining in a hosting hotel compares favorably with installing equipment at home, in an office, or in another site poorly prepared for this. Hosting hotel from the Smart Mining company allows you to optimize the operation of the system to constantly generate profits while minimizing the load on the equipment itself. Modern equipment for air ventilation, an automated climate control system, the presence of backup power supplies and protection against any power surges in the network - all this allows you to maintain ideal conditions for mining.

Mining hotel for GPU farms - from assembly to installation and full service

The farm's GPU, based on modern video card models from AMD and Nvidia, allows you to configure the system to work with any cryptocurrency, and the settings can be changed at any time. This opens up wider possibilities for mining, and when combining a sufficient number of video cards into one farm, it guarantees a quick return on investment.
Placing GPU farms in a mining hotel guarantees round-the-clock remote access to the equipment with redundancy of several channels. As with the provision of hosting for ASICS, GPU-based mining sites mean the presence of an uninterrupted power supply from the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant, a multi-level protection system, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels, as well as a high level of service.
Smart Mining guarantees regular maintenance of your rig, fine tuning according to best practices, and 24/7 phone support. Our task is to create the perfect hosting for mining, so we are proud of our work and prefer a personalized approach to each client. An individual offer for placing GPU farms can be obtained by calling +7 499 3806889, and tariffs are available on the website depending on the number of rigs for mining.
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